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We thank our web site sponsors, and invite you to join them!

Dear Family and friends of the Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic Church,

Our new web site has launched, creating a communications platform that will help unite us as One Body, One Spirit, One Family! See how you can participate in this endeavor and support St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church. Through our Sponsorship Program you can help us maintain our web site with important information about our Church and community while we help you promote your business!

How it Works:

  • Our web site team will design, upon request, a banner for each sponsor. The banner will contain information about your business or organization. Sponsors may provide their own artwork.
  • Banners will be published every week on the first page of the web site (This Week) and within the email letter.
  • There will be a permanent Our Sponsors page where all banners will be published. Banners may be hyperlinked to a web or email address.
  • All sponsors and banners must be approved by Father Omar Ayubi.
  • Each banner = $50/month.
    While everyone enjoys the web site, with church and community information, sponsors promote their business AND show their support and commitment for our parish.


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