Who can we prepare for marriage?

Registered parishioners or someone who lives within the parish boundaries; Parishioners of another parish if their parents live within the parish boundaries and who have the permission of their own pastor.

How long does it take?

The Archdiocese has a number of requirements and the preparation takes around six-month.

What are the requirements?

  • Make an appointment with a Priest.

  • Current Baptism Certificate (with 6 months of validity)

  • Confirmation Certificate (if the person has received this Sacrament)

  • Pre-nuptial questionnaire (will be given by the Priest)

  • Testimony of witnesses (will be given by the Priest)

  • Matrimonial Dispensation and/or Permission (will be filled by the Priest)

  • Assistance to Pre-Cana / Camino / Matrimonio 2000 (the Priest will determine which).

Considerations about the fees

  • Wedding at St. Katharine Drexel (including Fully Engaged & Preparation) or

  • Fully Engaged & preparation and marriage in another parish.

  • Music fees are additional.

  • We don’t turn away couples because of financial hardship. Talk to the Priest about what arrangements can be made.

Do you plan to marry in another parish?

  • We will prepare your required paperwork here and send it to the parish where you will be married.

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